The insurance industry is still buffeting with generational change. However, many insurers are evolving with new technologies. In this journey, they are transforming from product-based organizations to customer-centric organizations. 

They are open to building partnerships with InsurTechs and adapting technologies fast to streamline operations and ensure a better customer experience.     

According to PWC, some of the key issues the insurance industry faces are: 

  • Digitizing small commercials: The small insurance companies are constantly under the pressure of digitization and need significant investment.
  • Enhance customer experience with data analytics: With a huge amount of unstructured customer data, the insurers are facing trouble to analyze the same to offer better customer experience. 
  • Driving transformation with InsurTech: To increase focus on distribution channels and how they interact with employees and policyholders to create an engaging branding experience. 
  • A valued digital journey: To go for a digital journey which is rewarding in term of ROI and expense.  

In the insurance sector, the insurance company, intermediaries, and policyholders or customers are the three key touchpoints. Adapting digital platforms like the cloud is critical to cover all these three touchpoints to offer an integrated experience. 

There are already many cloud platforms like SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS serving insurers to offer better customer experience. But there is a lack of bridging the gap between insurers, policyholders, and intermediaries. 

We have engineered a unique Domain as a Service (DaaS) platform called Sectr to bridge this gap and to provide enhanced customer experience by bringing all key touchpoints into a single integrated cloud platform.           

Sectr offers a digital insurance platform for insurance providers or intermediaries with ready-to-use technology solutions. It helps to create an immediate revenue stream by optimizing your sales channel. 

Our goal is to streamline your businesses with new-age technologies with a ready-to-use platform. We use a hybrid cloud setup to optimize risk management in your businesses. Our intelligently engineered DaaS platform protects your data and accelerates growth.

Top six ways how Sectr helps insurers

Being a DaaS platform, Sectr enables businesses to focus only on growth by shifting their energy from technologies. 

This ready-to-use platform benefits your insurance organization in the following ways:   

#1 Bring more customers satisfaction

You can achieve optimum customer satisfaction by serving your customer round the clock. Sectr takes care of your operations and infrastructure on a single DaaS platform. Thus, it gives you more time to focus on customers.     

#2 Reduce time to market

Sectr enables you to decrease time to market. It helps you to release your products and reach your customers in less time. Generally, the lack of a perfect cloud platform stretches your product release time. 

#3 Minimize TCO

The total cost of ownership is a major financial estimate in any business. We help you to reduce TCO by 60%. With Sectr, you need to pay only for what you use.

#4 Bring more resilience

We help you to make your business more resilient with a ready-to-use DaaS platform. Sectr’s DaaS platform saves your data safely on the cloud for a smooth business continuity process. 

#5 Scale your business 

With Sectr, we bring innovation to your business with 360-degree scalability. This cloud platform can enable your business to grow both horizontally and vertically.  

#6 Save your time

A ready-to-use DaaS platform always saves your time. It saves weeks of implementation time and allows you to concentrate on business growth.

Start your digital journey today

With so many benefits, Sectr is an exclusive cloud platform that helps to start your digital journey with the right support and guidance. This DaaS platform gives 360-degree visibility to customer data. It has built-in analytics to provide you with insights to optimize customer satisfaction.

Contact us for a free demo today.    

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